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Wire Stripping Machine

Lasia 1.0 roll-to-roll

Efficient Wire Stripping with the Lasia 1.0 Laser Wire Stripper

Removing the insulation from enameled wire is a crucial step in many manufacturing processes, such as soldering. The Lasia 1.0 laser wire stripper offers a high-precision, roll-to-roll solution for the partial stripping of enameled fine wires. This advanced technology is ideal for wire diameters ranging from approximately 0.040 to 0.250 mm and is suitable for removing various plastics like polyimide or polyester.

Benefits of Laser Stripped Wire

Compared to chemical or mechanical methods, the Lasia 1.0 laser stripping provides significant advantages. Laser technology ensures exceptional precision and repeatability in stripped areas while preserving the metal core to maintain material stability.

Automation with the Roll-to-Roll System

The integrated roll-to-roll system of the Lasia 1.0 automates the stripping process. Enameled wire coils are efficiently unrolled, processed, and re-spooled onto an empty reel. Once set up, the system allows for continuous operation without manual intervention, based on predefined patterns of insulated and stripped sections.

Additional Features for Increased Efficiency

The Lasia 1.0 offers more than just stripping. The lasers can also create a fine notch in the metal, serving as a predetermined breaking point. This allows for manual separation of a stripped wire piece from the spool, thus eliminating additional cutting processes.

Wire stripping machine
Abisolierter Draht / Laser Stripped wire
stripped wire
stripped wire
stripped wire
Laser Stripped Wire

About Us

Located in Entlebuch, Switzerland, we at Wire Stripping System AG are dedicated to providing cutting-edge laser wire stripping machines. Our dynamic team, featuring Philippe Heer and Lukas Bucher, brings together extensive expertise in the development and manufacture of top-quality laser wire strippers.

Our Commitment to Quality and User-Friendliness:

Our primary goal is to deliver high-quality products that are not only reliable but also user-friendly. We understand the need for your production processes to run efficiently and smoothly. That’s why we focus on developing machines that optimize and simplify your workflows.


Customer Support You Can Rely On:

At Wire Stripping System AG, our service doesn’t end with your purchase. We are always here to provide support and advice. Whether you have questions or need assistance, our team is just a phone call or an email away.

Philippe Heer bei Wire Stripping System AG
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Philippe Heer


Mechanical Engineering & Sales

Lukas Bucher bei Wire Stripping System AG
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Wire Stripping System

Lukas Bucher


Electrical Engineering


Wire Stripping System AG

Bahnhofstrasse 42

CH-6160 Entlebuch



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